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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

This post is just to clarify some points already mentioned in other pages of this blog.

Q: Is there a sub dealer package available?

A: Officially, Enegosyo does not have a subdealer package, nor do they sell Retailer Kits at discounted prices for non dealers. However, I give a discount if you purchase a minimum of 6 Retailer Kits. Instead of paying P300 per kit, you only pay P250. That’s a total of P1500–you get P300 off. NOTE: This is not a subdealer or dealer account.

Q: I don’t need a banner. Don’t I get a discount?

A: The banner is free for every Retailer Kit, so the price remains the same.

Q: I thought you’d activate my SIM once I give you the necessary information. Can’t you activate it now?

A: Nominated mobile numbers of interested retailers will only be activated upon payment.

Q: How do I pay?

A: Payment is made through bank deposit or GCASH. As mentioned in “Instructions on How to Avail of a Retailer Kit,”  after accomplishing step 1, an invoice with payment details will be e-mailed to you within 24 hours. Please understand that I do not divulge my bank account details to anyone and everyone who visits this website for my own security. I get enough scam texts and e-mails as it is.

Q: I thought I’ll only pay P300. Why are you charging me for shipping?

A: The minimum capital that you’ll shell out is P300–that is, if you’re within Metro Manila and not interested in buying more load wallet. If you’re located elsewhere, the Retailer Kit has to be sent to you via courier. I use 2GO shipping because they’re cheaper (and more courteous) than LBC, yet more reliable than Xend Express.

Q: How do I know how much I’ll be charged for shipping beforehand?

A: Visit 2GO’s website and check if your location is Serviceable or Out of Town. Click here.

Q: Let’s just meet up. I live in (e.g.) Mindoro.

A: I am located in Quezon City. Traveling outside the parameters of my stated meet-up places is out of the question.

Q: Can’t you accept cash on delivery?

A: I had considered this transaction previously, but I have learned my lesson. I only accept bank deposit or GCASH. Pasensya na pero ayoko nang ma-scam ulit, na kunwari bibili tapos no-show, then never to be heard from again.


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Product Update

Good news for retailers! Electronic load for Red Mobile subscribers is already available in 100 and 300 denominations.

To sell using SMS, type:

SELL(space)<PIN>(space)RM100(space)<Customer’s Mobile #>

Send to Enegosyo Gateway



SELL(space)<PIN>(space)RM300(space)<Customer’s Mobile #>

Send to Enegosyo Gateway.


NOTE: Command to sell Red Mobile e-load via Online Business Portfolio is unavailable as of yet.

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How to Avail of Our Retailer Kit

For individuals interested in having their own 1 SIM Load All E-Loading Business, here’s the process of purchasing an Enegosyo Direct Retailer Kit from Dealer Joy:

  1. Send the following details to +639053536687 or eloadingbiz@yahoo.com or  eloadingbiz@gmail.com
    Full Name (First Name, Middle Name, Surname)
              Complete Address (House Number, Street, Barangay, Municipality, Province, Zip Code)
             Mobile Number to be activated for selling e-load
             Valid e-mail address
  2. The invoice and payment details will be e-mailed to you within 24 hours.
  3. Pay the amount indicated in the invoice.
  4. Confirm payment by sending a message to +639053536687 or eloadingbiz@yahoo.com
  5. If for shipping, I’ll text or e-mail you the tracking number of the package.
  6. After purchase, feel free to ask questions regarding being a Retailer.
  7. This website is updated regularly. You may check back here at your convenience to know about the latest products and promos of Enegosyo.


About Delivery:

  1. If within Metro Manila, I do meet-ups in Trinoma, Gateway, Megamall, and SM Makati on Saturdays. There is a standard handling fee of 30 pesos.
  2. If you’re located outside Metro Manila, I’ll ship the Retailer Kit via 2GO QuikPac Non-Document. 2GO charges 125 pesos for serviceable areas, while they charge 203 pesos for OTD areas. For more info, please check out 2GO’s website here.

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E-mail Phishing Scam Alert

This morning, I received another message from a scammer, this time in my e-mail. I decided to post it here so that everyone who visits will be alerted.

Here is the message I received. I made my highlights in bold letters. My comments will be after the message.


From The United Kingdom Lottery Thu Apr 30 18:53:39 2009
Return-Path: <anne1231@ilc.edu.tw>
Authentication-Results: mta164.mail.re3.yahoo.com  from=ilc.edu.tw; domainkeys=neutral (no sig); from=ilc.edu.tw; dkim=neutral (no  sig)
Received: from  (HELO ilc.edu.tw) (
by mta164.mail.re3.yahoo.com with SMTP; Thu, 30 Apr 2009 19:10:41 -0700
Received: By OpenMail Mailer;Fri, 01 May 2009 09:53:39 +0800 (CST)
From: “The United Kingdom Lottery” <anne1231@ilc.edu.tw>
Reply-To: infodeptunit01@btinternet.com
Subject: Camelot Group Plc
Message-ID: <1241142819.11956.anne1231@ilc.edu.tw>
Date: Fri, 01 May 2009 09:53:39 +0800 (CST)
MIME-Version: 1.0
Return-Path: anne1231@ilc.edu.tw
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=big5
Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable
Content-Length: 1951

Camelot Group Plc,
3b Olympic Way, Sefton Business Park,
Aintree, Liverpool, L30 1RD.

April  30th, 2009.

The Camelot Group Plc organizers of United Kingdom National Lottery wishes to inform you that the results of the online international E-mail address lottery program organized by Camelot Group Plc, which was held on Monday afternoon, April 5th, by 1:30pm GMT, 2009 has been released and your e-mail account was picked as a winner of a lump sum of £500,000 {Five hundred  thousand, Great Britain pounds} in cash credited to the file with Reference No: UKL/74-A0802742009.

You are therefore required to fill the form below and send it via e-mail to our claims processing director {Mr. Phil Herald} for the immediate processing and release of your winning prize.

Email:            infodeptunit01@btinternet.com
Call:            +(44)70359 56046

FULL NAMES: ________

ADDRESS: ___________

COUNTRY: __________

SEX: __________AGE:____________OCCUPATION: __________
E-MAIL ADDRESS: ___________________TELEPHONE NUMBER: ________________

Note: Choose from the two options available to receive your winning prize,

A: Bank to bank transfer {wire transfer}
B: courier service {delivery of winning cheque via airmail}



Mr Ruth Williams
Online Coordinator,
Camelot Group {Operators of The National Lottery}

All content © Copyright 2009 The Camelot Group.

————–END EMAIL—————–

The e-mail was from the e-mail address ann1234@ilc.edu.tw and the reply to e-mail was infodeptunit01@btinternet.com. It’s fishy because shouldn’t these people have their own e-mail provided by the company that they represent, since it’s a multi-million company.

Secondly, the UK address in this message is not the real address of Camelot PLC.

Third, Camelot PLC does not hold e-mail lotteries. They only have the National Lottery and the Monday Lottery.

Fourth, companies awarding prizes like this do not inform the winners through e-mail. Camelot PLC representatives declared this as well.

Lastly, I did not buy any international lottery ticket for it to be associated with my business e-mail, so why would I win?

If you are a recipient of an e-mail such as this, don’t give them your personal information. Ignore them, curse them, or play with them–it’s up to you.

Here’s more information about e-mails like this:

While researching this scam, I came across this hilarious exchange of e-mails. Enjoy!

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Millionaire’s Club Inc. Text SCAM

To everyone who drops by my humble website:

Beware of this text scam being sent by a scam organization that dubs itself “Millionaire’s Club Inc.” with mobile # 09265712654

(NOTICE) Ur simcrd # won P650.000.00 In our 2nd anv.PreRaffle Drw last: 4/26/09 from:Millionaires Club Inc.4 more info &dtails call me nw!im Sec Vic G.Ignacio.

I received the same message four times ten times as of 3:49 PM. They’re not only scammers–they’re also spammers.

At first I was tempted to reply, but I wasn’t going to waste even one peso of load on that pathetic individual. Though a few might argue that I’m wasting time blogging about that scammer, this blog post is not for them. It’s for everyone to be aware.

I am a businesswoman, and I make an honest living even during these trying times. I may not earn millions, but I can walk with my head held high and I’m confident that no one’s cursing me and calling me a scammer anywhere in the world.

I hope that, as Filipinos, even though many of us have to make ends meet to provide for ourselves and for our families, we won’t resort to fooling or scamming our own countrymen and even people overseas just to earn a few hundred bucks.

I know, if you scam a person and get maybe a hundred bucks, it can buy a few kilos of rice that can last for a few days. I know that a hundred bucks may sound small, but it’s still a big help these days. I know it’s not a walk in the park to earn honest money, but there’s no price that can pay for the self-fulfillment, dignity, and peace of mind that you’ll have if you make an honest living.

To everyone who works decent jobs, high-paying or not, God bless us!

To those who were scammed before, God bless you, too. Be careful next time.

To scammers, especially to the one who tried to scam me this morning, I don’t know your story. I don’t know why you’re like that, and why you’re doing what you’re doing, but I pray for Jesus to touch your lives. God bless you, too.


Links to more info about Millionaire’s Club Inc. Text Scam:

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How to Reload Your Load Wallet via Enegosyo Bank Deposit

You can also reload your Load Wallet through Enegosyo by depositing your payments at various banks nationwide. Click here for the PDF list of accredited banks, bank codes, and account numbers for Enegosyo.

1) Fill up a deposit slip with the ff:

         Account Name: ENEGOSYO Gateway Solutions Int’l Corp.

         Account Number: (see info in table)

2) After making the deposit, send the following details to an ENEGOSYO Gateway Number via SMS:


         RELOAD(space)<PIN>(space)CASH(space)<Amount>(space)<Bank Code>(space)<Branch>(space)<Date>(space)<Time>


         RELOAD 1234 CASH 5000 BDO STAMESA 122507 0145PM



Approval is within 24 hours after Enegosyo receives your reload request or within 2-4 days or on the next banking day if the deposit has been made on Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays, and on the day before Holidays.

Always keep a copy of your deposit slip for reference.

Please type branch names made up of two or more words as one word. (E.g. STAMESA, GILPUYAT)

In typing the date, follow the MMDDYY format. (E.g. If the receipt shows the date 25DEC2007, type it as 122507)

In typing the time, follow the 12-hour clock. The correct 4-digit format is HHMM, followed by AM or PM. (E.g. If bank deposit shows 13:45, type it as 0145PM)

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How to Reload Your Load Wallet via Smart Money

Reloading your Load Wallet using Smart Money will require a one-time registration of your Smart Money number with Enegosyo.

To Enroll Your Smart Money Number:

         1) Text: SMARTMONEY<space>PIN<space>Your Smart Money Mobile Number

         2) Send to Enegosyo Direct Gateway Number.

         3) Confirmation of successful registration will be sent to your cellphone. Once you’re registered, you may use Smart Money to reload your Load Wallet.


To Reload Your Load Wallet Using Smart Money:

         1) Go to Smart Menu and choose Smart Money.

         2) Select Transfer and then choose Others.

         3) Type in your Enegosyo Smart Money Card Number, then press OK.

         4) Once prompted to “Transfer from,” press OK.

         5) Once prompted to “Options,” choose “MySMARTMoney” or your Personalized Card Name.

         6) Enter the amount.

         7) Confirm the transfer details. Transfer to card number. from then press OK.

         8 ) Enter your 6-digit W-PIN and then press OK.

         9) You will receive notification from SmartMoney regarding the transfer you have made.

         10) You will then receive notification from SmartMoney regarding the transfer you have made.

         11) You will then receive notification from Enegosyo.


* Enegosyo Smart Money Number 5577-515-445-484-107

** Source: Enegosyo Direct Quick Guide

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How to Reload Your Load Wallet Through Dealer Joy

Reloading your load wallet is easy, and there are many ways to do so. I’ll be posting instructions on how to reload your load wallet via different methods later on, but for now I’ll give instructions on how to reload your load wallet through me, Dealer Joy.

1)  Send your Load Wallet reloading request.

          a.    Via Text

                  i.      Type   WALLET(space)<RetailerName>(space)<Amount>(space)<Payment Method>

                  ii.      Send to +639053536687

         b.   Via Email or Messenger

                  Please include your name, amount of load wallet request, and preferred payment method in the body of the message.

                  * Depending on your preferred payment method, you’ll receive an e-mail invoice including my bank details or GCASH instructions.

2)   Send payment through these methods:

         a.    Bank deposit (BPI Express)

                  You’ll receive an e-mail invoice and my bank details.

         b.   GCash

                  Text <AMOUNT>(space)<4-digit MPIN> and send to 28829053536687

3.    Inform me of payment through SMS, e-mail, or Yahoo Messenger

         a.     Via Text

                  Type   CONFIRM(space)<Amount>(space)<Date of Payment>(space)<Time of Payment>(space)<Bank Deposit or GCash Validation/Transaction Number>

                  Send to +639053536687


         b.   Via Email or Messenger

                  Include the amount, date and time of payment, and validation or transaction number in the body of the message.


4)   You’ll receive confirmation that I have received your payment through SMS and e-mail. Your request will then be immediately processed.

5)    Important reminders:

         a.    Minimum Load Wallet request is 100 pesos.

         b.   Bank or GCash processing will affect how fast I can receive your payment, so please give at least 24 hours for me to send you confirmation and to process your request.

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Ways to Reload Your Wallet

         1)    Via Enegosyo Dealers

                  Get in touch with your Enegosyo dealer to buy load wallet.

         2)  Via Cash Payment at the Sales Offices

                  a.    Enegosyo Head Office (Q.C.)

                  b.   Enegosyo Business Hub (Mandaluyong)

         3)  Via WEEPAY Card (Available at Enegosyo Head Office, Enegosyo Dealers, and ADI Telecoms Mall branches)

         Text the ff:

                  LOAD(space)<WEEPAY CARD PIN>(space)ENEGOSYO

                  Send to WEEPAY Gateway Numbers:
                       SMART 0921-2722444
                       GLOBE  0927-4307070
                       SUN       0922-5486266

         4)  Via SMART Money

                  Click here to view instructions.

         5)   Via Bank Payment

                  Click here to view instructions.

         6)  Via Bills Payment

                  (to be announced)

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How to Sell E-load

Once you’ve become an Enegosyo Direct Retailer or Dealer, you can sell electronic load, cellphone and internet prepaid cards, online games e-pins, and other electronic products by using your computer with internet connection or your registered SIM card and cellphone.

          Selling through SMS:


          SELL(space)<4-digit PIN>(space)
          <Product Code and Denomination>(space)<Customer’s Mobile#>

          Send to Enegosyo Gateway Number.


          Selling through online Business Portfolio:

          Login using your username and password to http://www.enegosyo.ph

          On the left panel, click on Sell via POS.

          Notice that there are tabs labeled. Click on the tab that corresponds to the product that you’re going to sell. For example, Over-the-Air Load tab for Globe AutoloadMax, Sun XpressLoad, Smart AllText, and TnT GaanTxt.

          Choose the mobile number prefix from the drop down menu, and type the rest of the customer’s mobile number in the text box. Be careful and double-check the number!

          Choose the amount that you’re going to sell from the drop down menu, or type it in the text box beside the drop down menu.

          Afterwards, enter your PIN when prompted.

          Make sure that you typed the right mobile number and amount. Click SELL.

          You’ll receive an SMS for each transaction using the online Business Portfolio.

          Selling through the online Business Portfolio is free of charge.

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Gateway Numbers

0919-8880033 A-D
0919-8882020 E-H
0920-6427777 I-L
0908-5534444 M-P
0929-1644544 Q-T
0919-2057222 U-Z
0906-5563344 A-E
0906-5563355 F-J
0906-4813333 K-O
0906-5550100 P-T
0927-4309595 U-Z
0922-4485655 A-L
0922-3988600 M-Z

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