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How to Reload Your Load Wallet via Smart Money

Reloading your Load Wallet using Smart Money will require a one-time registration of your Smart Money number with Enegosyo.

To Enroll Your Smart Money Number:

         1) Text: SMARTMONEY<space>PIN<space>Your Smart Money Mobile Number

         2) Send to Enegosyo Direct Gateway Number.

         3) Confirmation of successful registration will be sent to your cellphone. Once you’re registered, you may use Smart Money to reload your Load Wallet.


To Reload Your Load Wallet Using Smart Money:

         1) Go to Smart Menu and choose Smart Money.

         2) Select Transfer and then choose Others.

         3) Type in your Enegosyo Smart Money Card Number, then press OK.

         4) Once prompted to “Transfer from,” press OK.

         5) Once prompted to “Options,” choose “MySMARTMoney” or your Personalized Card Name.

         6) Enter the amount.

         7) Confirm the transfer details. Transfer to card number. from then press OK.

         8 ) Enter your 6-digit W-PIN and then press OK.

         9) You will receive notification from SmartMoney regarding the transfer you have made.

         10) You will then receive notification from SmartMoney regarding the transfer you have made.

         11) You will then receive notification from Enegosyo.


* Enegosyo Smart Money Number 5577-515-445-484-107

** Source: Enegosyo Direct Quick Guide


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How to Reload Your Load Wallet Through Dealer Joy

Reloading your load wallet is easy, and there are many ways to do so. I’ll be posting instructions on how to reload your load wallet via different methods later on, but for now I’ll give instructions on how to reload your load wallet through me, Dealer Joy.

1)  Send your Load Wallet reloading request.

          a.    Via Text

                  i.      Type   WALLET(space)<RetailerName>(space)<Amount>(space)<Payment Method>

                  ii.      Send to +639053536687

         b.   Via Email or Messenger

                  Please include your name, amount of load wallet request, and preferred payment method in the body of the message.

                  * Depending on your preferred payment method, you’ll receive an e-mail invoice including my bank details or GCASH instructions.

2)   Send payment through these methods:

         a.    Bank deposit (BPI Express)

                  You’ll receive an e-mail invoice and my bank details.

         b.   GCash

                  Text <AMOUNT>(space)<4-digit MPIN> and send to 28829053536687

3.    Inform me of payment through SMS, e-mail, or Yahoo Messenger

         a.     Via Text

                  Type   CONFIRM(space)<Amount>(space)<Date of Payment>(space)<Time of Payment>(space)<Bank Deposit or GCash Validation/Transaction Number>

                  Send to +639053536687


         b.   Via Email or Messenger

                  Include the amount, date and time of payment, and validation or transaction number in the body of the message.


4)   You’ll receive confirmation that I have received your payment through SMS and e-mail. Your request will then be immediately processed.

5)    Important reminders:

         a.    Minimum Load Wallet request is 100 pesos.

         b.   Bank or GCash processing will affect how fast I can receive your payment, so please give at least 24 hours for me to send you confirmation and to process your request.

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Ways to Reload Your Wallet

         1)    Via Enegosyo Dealers

                  Get in touch with your Enegosyo dealer to buy load wallet.

         2)  Via Cash Payment at the Sales Offices

                  a.    Enegosyo Head Office (Q.C.)

                  b.   Enegosyo Business Hub (Mandaluyong)

         3)  Via WEEPAY Card (Available at Enegosyo Head Office, Enegosyo Dealers, and ADI Telecoms Mall branches)

         Text the ff:

                  LOAD(space)<WEEPAY CARD PIN>(space)ENEGOSYO

                  Send to WEEPAY Gateway Numbers:
                       SMART 0921-2722444
                       GLOBE  0927-4307070
                       SUN       0922-5486266

         4)  Via SMART Money

                  Click here to view instructions.

         5)   Via Bank Payment

                  Click here to view instructions.

         6)  Via Bills Payment

                  (to be announced)

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Gateway Numbers

0919-8880033 A-D
0919-8882020 E-H
0920-6427777 I-L
0908-5534444 M-P
0929-1644544 Q-T
0919-2057222 U-Z
0906-5563344 A-E
0906-5563355 F-J
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0927-4309595 U-Z
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